Rowing Machine Advantages

Exercise fads come and go. Sometimes, however, very old methods get retooled for the modern world. Rowing machines fall into the ladder group. Have you ever considered owning one for yourself? We’ve made a quick list of some of the advantages right here:

Bodycraft VR500 Pro Rower





Burn Calories:

The number one reason people work out involves losing weight. If you want to burn calories, rowing machines prove a great way to do it. Some researchers have estimated that 30 minutes on a machine can burn over 350 calories.

Heart Health:

Any aerobic exercise that causes your heart to beat faster for long periods of time will improve overall health. Heart, lung, and circulatory functions all improve.

Build Muscle:

When it comes to building overall muscle, especially in your core, nothing really beats out rowing. If you want build muscle AND lose weight, rowing might prove the perfect choice for you.

Alleviate Stress:

Constant physical exercise makes the pleasure centers of the brain work overtime; serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins (the feel good chemicals) all get produced naturally.


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Benefits Of Ellipticals

If you’ve gone to the gym during peak hours, you may have had to wait for the elliptical machine. Why do so many people use them? They come with a host of benefits. In case you haven’t heard what those include, we’ve listed a few here.

Precor EFX 245 Energy Series Elliptical


When you perform aerobic exercises regularly (at least 3 times a week), you find yourself able to perform strenuous activity for longer without getting tired. Elliptical machines provide a great opportunity to do this.


Unlike with running, these machines don’t put a lot of stress on your joints and bones. Because of this, they work great for people with osteoporosis or knee injuries.

Full Body Exercise:

Because of the arm handles, you can work out your entire body on these machines, as opposed to running where you basically just work out the legs.

Burned Calories:

Working these machines for 30 minutes can burn up to 400 calories. To hit that number, you just have to increase resistance and interval train.


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