Why Get A Vibration Plate?

vibration plateNew workout machines get invented all of the time. While some end up as popular fads, others stand the test of time. Vibration plates likely fall into the latter category. If you’ve ever wondered what they do, and what advantages they have, we discuss them here. This article might help you decide why you should get a vibration plate.

Strengthen your body:

Because of the way vibration plates make your muscles constantly contract, they improve the bone and muscle health of your body. All this gets added on to the benefits of your regular workout.

Hormone Regulation:

Vibration plates stimulate the natural production of the human growth hormone, which helps heal torn bones, muscles and tendons. On top of that, the increased workout helps you produce more serotonin, which leaves you feeling better.

Better Metabolism:

Because these machines increase the effectiveness of your workout, you get that much more of a metabolism boost. As you gain muscle, your body digests food more efficiently, and you can get more energy from less!


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