How Exercise Can Improve Sleep

sleepingWe all know that exercise is a critical area for our health, but did you know that the effects of exercise can reach as far as the quality of your sleep? Beyond tiring your body and your mind to make you more inclined to sleep, exercise helps your body better handle your stress response: a mechanism that is a common culprit in insomnia and other sleep disorders. Here we walk through a few of the ways exercise can help you achieve a better night’s sleep.

There is no cure-all for poor sleep quality or sleep disorders, but many aspects of your lifestyle can contribute to these ailments. Exercise is certainly one aspect that affects your sleep. This is achieved not only by physically tiring out your body to help make you sleepier, but also by regulating several processes in your body that affect sleep. Your body’s stress response is importantly linked with both exercise and sleep. Your stress response is how your body physiologically handles stress: stressors can be chronic, such as long term deadlines at work, or acute, such as being frightened from almost colliding with a car in oncoming traffic.

Since exercise itself is a stressor, your body learns to better handle its stress response during exercise, which carries over into better handling its stress response to other areas of your life. Exercising and regulating your stress response can help you ward off sickness, anxiety, and of course, improve the quality of your sleep if pursued consistently over time.

Exercising for Sleep

If you are ready to pursue a consistent workout routine to help you sleep at night, call us at 210-828-4542 to explore exercise equipment that will help you achieve your goal!

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