Fully Utilizing Exercise Bikes

exercise bikeExercise bikes can be spotted in many homes and gyms and they are a common element in many athletes’ workout routines, but it is uncommon that many of us have received formal training on how to properly use this equipment. Exercise bikes are a dynamic workout element that allow for anyone of any fitness level or body type to engage in a purposeful workout that can be as challenging or as comfortable as desired. To help you better utilize exercise bikes, we walk through a brief outline of a suggested routine here.

Starting Your Workout

Jumping full speed into a workout can be a recipe for disaster. Taking a few minutes to calibrate the bike and warm up your body can make all the difference! Start by adjusting the height of the bike so that your heel will rest in the pedal when your leg is fully extended. This ensures the bike is an appropriate height for your body. Then ease into your workout with a 10 minute warm up at a calm, steady speed.

When your muscles are warm, it is time to turn up the heat! Bike according to your heart rate, time, and speed goals. For a change of pace to your typical bike routine, you can bike in different speed intervals: between a comfortable recovery pace and a more challenging “sprint” pace for variation. Remember, start with achievable goals that are safe for your current health and your desired fitness outcomes.

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