Do Workouts Make Your Nose Run?

A surprising number of people experience allergic symptoms when they exercise. The condition is so common that it even has a name: exercise-induced rhinitis. Whether you’re a casual exerciser or a full-time athlete, you could fall victim to these annoying sniffles. Here are three facts about workout sniffles that all exercisers should know.

They Feel Like Allergiesa photo of an arm broken out in hives

While doctors aren’t sure what causes some people to experience workout sniffles, they do know that the condition presents itself in the same way allergies do: with a runny nose, inflamed nasal passages, and even sinus pain and pressure. But is this sort of rhinitis a true allergy? Experts are still looking into it.

They Get Worse in the Cold

Many people with exercise-induced rhinitis report a worsening of their symptoms if they step out into cold weather. Others find that pollen and other seasonal allergens make the problem worse. Even very bright sunlight can trigger sneezing for some people when they walk out of a gym.

They Can Be Deadly

Truly life-threatening reactions to exercise are extremely rare. Some people do get more than the usual runny nose, though; hives and asthma have been reported. Only a handful of people have developed anaphylaxis, which is potentially deadly and can send you into shock. The benefits of exercise definitely outweigh the danger, though.

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