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Do Workouts Make Your Nose Run?

A surprising number of people experience allergic symptoms when they exercise. The condition is so common that it even has a name: exercise-induced rhinitis. Whether you’re a casual exerciser or a full-time athlete, you could fall victim to these annoying sniffles. Here are three facts about workout sniffles that all exercisers should know. They Feel […]

Fully Utilizing Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes can be spotted in many homes and gyms and they are a common element in many athletes’ workout routines, but it is uncommon that many of us have received formal training on how to properly use this equipment. Exercise bikes are a dynamic workout element that allow for anyone of any fitness level or […]

How Exercise Can Improve Sleep

We all know that exercise is a critical area for our health, but did you know that the effects of exercise can reach as far as the quality of your sleep? Beyond tiring your body and your mind to make you more inclined to sleep, exercise helps your body better handle your stress response: a […]

Pre Workout Stretching

Before you begin your workout, it is always a good idea to complete a few pre workout stretching exercises. Taking a few minutes to stretch can help you focus and prepare yourself to get the most out of your workout. There are different kinds of stretches that achieve different results, and you should know exactly […]

Why Get A Vibration Plate?

New workout machines get invented all of the time. While some end up as popular fads, others stand the test of time. Vibration plates likely fall into the latter category. If you’ve ever wondered what they do, and what advantages they have, we discuss them here. This article might help you decide why you should […]

Anaerobic Exercise Advantages

We’d all probably like to spend some more time at the gym. Unfortunately, most of us lead busy lives. Don’t worry, you can get just as good of a workout by working smarter, not harder. If you know exactly what you get out of a workout, you can tailor it to better fit your schedule. […]

How To Breathe During Exercise

Sometimes just getting your exercise in seems to take a big effort. However, learning about and planning your workout routine can prove just as important as actually getting it done. Did you know that how you breathe during your exercise creates a big effect on your workout? If you’d like to learn a little more […]

How To Beef Up Your Brain

We’ve all heard people calling your brain a “muscle” and saying it needs to get worked out regularly, but they mean a mental workout. However, did you know that physical exercise increases brain performance as well? If you’d like to know about some of the benefits you can reap, we’ll go over them here. Increase […]

Aerobic Or Anaerobic?

We all could probably use a little more exercise. However, it proves more beneficial to work smarter, not harder. Improve your exercise routine by understanding how it affects your health and goals. Two words you might have heard before, but may not know, include “aerobic” and “anaerobic”. They describe the way your cells get energy […]

Rowing Machine Advantages

Exercise fads come and go. Sometimes, however, very old methods get retooled for the modern world. Rowing machines fall into the ladder group. Have you ever considered owning one for yourself? We’ve made a quick list of some of the advantages right here:         Burn Calories: The number one reason people work […]