Do Workouts Make Your Nose Run?

A surprising number of people experience allergic symptoms when they exercise. The condition is so common that it even has a name: exercise-induced rhinitis. Whether you’re a casual exerciser or a full-time athlete, you could fall victim to these annoying sniffles. Here are three facts about workout sniffles that all exercisers should know.

They Feel Like Allergiesa photo of an arm broken out in hives

While doctors aren’t sure what causes some people to experience workout sniffles, they do know that the condition presents itself in the same way allergies do: with a runny nose, inflamed nasal passages, and even sinus pain and pressure. But is this sort of rhinitis a true allergy? Experts are still looking into it.

They Get Worse in the Cold

Many people with exercise-induced rhinitis report a worsening of their symptoms if they step out into cold weather. Others find that pollen and other seasonal allergens make the problem worse. Even very bright sunlight can trigger sneezing for some people when they walk out of a gym.

They Can Be Deadly

Truly life-threatening reactions to exercise are extremely rare. Some people do get more than the usual runny nose, though; hives and asthma have been reported. Only a handful of people have developed anaphylaxis, which is potentially deadly and can send you into shock. The benefits of exercise definitely outweigh the danger, though.

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Fully Utilizing Exercise Bikes

exercise bikeExercise bikes can be spotted in many homes and gyms and they are a common element in many athletes’ workout routines, but it is uncommon that many of us have received formal training on how to properly use this equipment. Exercise bikes are a dynamic workout element that allow for anyone of any fitness level or body type to engage in a purposeful workout that can be as challenging or as comfortable as desired. To help you better utilize exercise bikes, we walk through a brief outline of a suggested routine here.

Starting Your Workout

Jumping full speed into a workout can be a recipe for disaster. Taking a few minutes to calibrate the bike and warm up your body can make all the difference! Start by adjusting the height of the bike so that your heel will rest in the pedal when your leg is fully extended. This ensures the bike is an appropriate height for your body. Then ease into your workout with a 10 minute warm up at a calm, steady speed.

When your muscles are warm, it is time to turn up the heat! Bike according to your heart rate, time, and speed goals. For a change of pace to your typical bike routine, you can bike in different speed intervals: between a comfortable recovery pace and a more challenging “sprint” pace for variation. Remember, start with achievable goals that are safe for your current health and your desired fitness outcomes.

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How Exercise Can Improve Sleep

sleepingWe all know that exercise is a critical area for our health, but did you know that the effects of exercise can reach as far as the quality of your sleep? Beyond tiring your body and your mind to make you more inclined to sleep, exercise helps your body better handle your stress response: a mechanism that is a common culprit in insomnia and other sleep disorders. Here we walk through a few of the ways exercise can help you achieve a better night’s sleep.

There is no cure-all for poor sleep quality or sleep disorders, but many aspects of your lifestyle can contribute to these ailments. Exercise is certainly one aspect that affects your sleep. This is achieved not only by physically tiring out your body to help make you sleepier, but also by regulating several processes in your body that affect sleep. Your body’s stress response is importantly linked with both exercise and sleep. Your stress response is how your body physiologically handles stress: stressors can be chronic, such as long term deadlines at work, or acute, such as being frightened from almost colliding with a car in oncoming traffic.

Since exercise itself is a stressor, your body learns to better handle its stress response during exercise, which carries over into better handling its stress response to other areas of your life. Exercising and regulating your stress response can help you ward off sickness, anxiety, and of course, improve the quality of your sleep if pursued consistently over time.

Exercising for Sleep

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Pre Workout Stretching

woman stretching Before you begin your workout, it is always a good idea to complete a few pre workout stretching exercises. Taking a few minutes to stretch can help you focus and prepare yourself to get the most out of your workout. There are different kinds of stretches that achieve different results, and you should know exactly how your muscles are affected by each one to enjoy a safe and beneficial workout.

Static Stretch

Stretching a muscle in a single position to the point of mild discomfort for roughly 30 seconds. Muscles are stretched to an elongated position until you feel a slight pull. Static stretching improves flexablity and many people complete a few static stretches before starting their workout.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

Holding a stretch while contracting and relaxing the muscle can help improve range of motion and is often used as a clinical rehabilitation technique. The combination of hold, relax and contract stretches used in PNF stretching routines allows for rapid gains in range of motion.

Dynamic Stretch

Repetitive movements within one’s range of motion will gradually increase one’s range of motion. One example would be arm swings where the person exercising rotates back and forth to increase oxygen and blood flow to their muscle tissues. This kind of streching is gaining traction as the preferred stretch of coaches and athletes before sporting events.

Ballastic/Bouncing Stretches

Once engaged in a stretch, the person stretching will bounce or jerk back and fourth, increasing their range of motion. Some health professionals warn that ballastic stretching can lead to injury caused by muscles tightening.

Why Get A Vibration Plate?

vibration plateNew workout machines get invented all of the time. While some end up as popular fads, others stand the test of time. Vibration plates likely fall into the latter category. If you’ve ever wondered what they do, and what advantages they have, we discuss them here. This article might help you decide why you should get a vibration plate.

Strengthen your body:

Because of the way vibration plates make your muscles constantly contract, they improve the bone and muscle health of your body. All this gets added on to the benefits of your regular workout.

Hormone Regulation:

Vibration plates stimulate the natural production of the human growth hormone, which helps heal torn bones, muscles and tendons. On top of that, the increased workout helps you produce more serotonin, which leaves you feeling better.

Better Metabolism:

Because these machines increase the effectiveness of your workout, you get that much more of a metabolism boost. As you gain muscle, your body digests food more efficiently, and you can get more energy from less!


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Anaerobic Exercise Advantages

We’d all probably like to spend some more time at the gym. Unfortunately, most of us lead busy lives. Don’t worry, you can get just as good of a workout by working smarter, not harder. If you know exactly what you get out of a workout, you can tailor it to better fit your schedule. Here, we’ll go over some of the advantages of doing an anaerobic workout.

weight lifting





If you want to build up some strength and muscle mass, you’ve got no better option than anaerobic exercise. Isolate the muscle groups you want to push for optimal efficiency.

Boost Up Your Cardio:

Anaerobic exercise lets you take in more Oxygen during your workout. While it can’t replace the benefits of cardio, it can boost your ability to do it for long periods of time.

Slim Up:

Many people don’t know this, but an increase in muscle mass equates to an increase in calories burned throughout the day. If you want to boost your metabolism, just put on a few pounds of muscle.


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How To Breathe During Exercise

silhouette of runnersSometimes just getting your exercise in seems to take a big effort. However, learning about and planning your workout routine can prove just as important as actually getting it done. Did you know that how you breathe during your exercise creates a big effect on your workout? If you’d like to learn a little more about the proper methods, we go over them briefly here.

For Aerobics:

At some point, people acquired the habit of breathing through their chest. While it may come more naturally to you, it doesn’t take air in as efficiently as diaphramatic breathing. To breathe from your diaphram, you focus the air closer to your stomach (where your diaphram rests) rather than your chest.

For Weight Lifting:

Many people just naturally stop breathing during strenuous weight lifting exercises. This can create complications; remember to breathe the whole time, exhaling during the strenuous lifts.


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How To Beef Up Your Brain

Precor_BackgroundWe’ve all heard people calling your brain a “muscle” and saying it needs to get worked out regularly, but they mean a mental workout. However, did you know that physical exercise increases brain performance as well? If you’d like to know about some of the benefits you can reap, we’ll go over them here.

Increase Blood Flow:

Your brain requires oxygen to function. Exercise can greatly increase blood flow, which delivers more oxygen to your brain. This allows your brain to function better similar to the way you do when you eat a healthy diet.

Elevate Mood:

The way you feel depends (on a basic level) on 3 different chemicals: serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Keep these chemicals regulated with regular exercise, and watch your mood improve.

Meet Your Goals:

At the University of Iowa, researchers found that people who met their exercise goals tended to meet their other goals as well. They attributed this to the momentum of success.


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Aerobic Or Anaerobic?

We all could probably use a little more exercise. However, it proves more beneficial to work smarter, not harder. Improve your exercise routine by understanding how it affects your health and goals. Two words you might have heard before, but may not know, include “aerobic” and “anaerobic”. They describe the way your cells get energy via different types of exercise. Let’s go over them in a little more detail.

silhouette of runners






At no point during your workout do you do a fully aerobic or anaerobic exercise. You will always use some combination of both forms.


Most of your cells prefer to use oxygen to produce energy. Aerobic exercise only uses this energy creation process. Theoretically, if you just did aerobic exercise you would never get fatigued. When you run long distances or stay on the elliptical for a long time, you mostly use aerobic energy production. This type of exercise improves your cardiovascular health.


You can associate anaerobic exercise with high intensity workouts. When oxygen doesn’t sufficiently fuel your cells, they resort to other methods of energy production. These methods produce waste that impedes your muscle contractions (fatigue). Anaerobic exercise helps you build more muscle and endure more strain on your muscles.


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Rowing Machine Advantages

Exercise fads come and go. Sometimes, however, very old methods get retooled for the modern world. Rowing machines fall into the ladder group. Have you ever considered owning one for yourself? We’ve made a quick list of some of the advantages right here:

Bodycraft VR500 Pro Rower





Burn Calories:

The number one reason people work out involves losing weight. If you want to burn calories, rowing machines prove a great way to do it. Some researchers have estimated that 30 minutes on a machine can burn over 350 calories.

Heart Health:

Any aerobic exercise that causes your heart to beat faster for long periods of time will improve overall health. Heart, lung, and circulatory functions all improve.

Build Muscle:

When it comes to building overall muscle, especially in your core, nothing really beats out rowing. If you want build muscle AND lose weight, rowing might prove the perfect choice for you.

Alleviate Stress:

Constant physical exercise makes the pleasure centers of the brain work overtime; serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins (the feel good chemicals) all get produced naturally.


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