Sprint 8® Sprint 8® is a 20-minute, high-intensity interval training program scientifically proven to boost energy, reduce body fat and promote lean muscle in just 20 minutes.


Spacious Running Surface The Matrix 5 and 7 series treadmills feature a 22” wide belt providing an added sense of security and freedom. Great for long stride runners.


Dynamic Response Drive System™ Our exclusive drive system is coupled with controller technology that continuously monitors and adjusts to user foot fall to ensure a perfect stride.


Single-point User Login Members access their own fitness data, social media accounts and favorite apps with an xID single-point user login.


Intuitive App Interface Built exclusively for fitness, this creates a more refined, exercise-friendly experience for social media and web.


Cast Aluminum End Caps For lasting durability, the Matrix 5 and 7 series treadmills are equipped with cast aluminum end caps.


Ultimate Deck™ System Our impact absorption system provides the ultimate feel for all users, and offers over 25,000 miles of maintenance-free performance.


Customize to Build Your Brand Customize your 7xi or 7xe home screen to reflect your brand, deliver your messages and engage members with your social media community.


Protect Your Investment Asset Management features enhanced flexibility, automated notifications that make keeping all of your equipment in top condition easier.