Rowing Machines

Bodycraft VR100 RowerAn indoor rowing machine is designed to simulate the action of rowing on water. Also known as an ergometer (a device that measures the amount of work performed), a rower primarily works the cardiovascular system. But it’s also a strength-endurance sport, because it works several muscle groups throughout the body.

Although proper technique is important to prevent lower back injuries, rowing can be a very intense, calorie-burning workout, with some people burning up to 800 calories an hour. It’s also easier on the joints than other pieces of equipment.

Some modern rowers are made with water-filled flywheels, which allow you to feel and hear actual water as you exercise.

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Rowing machine technique

A1_WaterRower_Gallery2 A rowing exercise requires four basic moves to complete one stroke: the catch, the drive, the finish and the recovery. If you’re rowing on water, you’ll “tap down” at the end of the stroke to extract the blades from the water. This isn’t necessary with indoor rowing, of course, but some people do it anyway.

One of our most popular models is the Bodycraft VR400, which incorporates the latest technology to create one of the best machines on the market. It features an ergonomically designed seat, a precision aluminum track and ultra-smooth industrial grade bearings.

Another popular option is the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine, which is made from solid ash wood and includes a performance monitor.

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